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Gold-Flecked Avocados Ripe and Ready to Adorn Brunches Everywhere

Gold-Flecked Avocados Ripe and Ready to Adorn Brunches Everywhere

SOUTH AFRICA - October is the month of treat yo' self, and what better way to celebrate than having a gold avocado on toast.

No, seriously! Last week, Tesco began selling rare gold-flecked GEM® avocados, and the millennial in me couldn’t be happier for a new avocado-based reason to shirk home-owning responsibilities.

“This outstanding avocado stands out from other varieties because of its rich taste, melt in the mouth texture, smooth creaminess, and slight nuttiness,” Tesco Category Buying Manager Andrew Pattison said in a recent press release. “But it is also notable for its eye-catching golden lenticels or speckles which appear on the dark skin of the ripe fruit and which make it stand out from other avocado varieties.”

Gold-Flecked Gem Avocados

Exclusively grown by elite groups around the world, the South African GEM avocados are hand-picked to optimize fruit condition, and sold perfectly ripened and ready to eat. The combination of its sweet flesh and thick skin make it easy to scoop out with a spoon and a perfect snack to enjoy any time of day.

“Avocados have massively grown in popularity from the days when they were still considered a niche food 25 years ago and have even made their way onto British breakfast menus as a trendy and tasty addition to egg on toast,” Pattinson explained.

But this unique avocado isn’t the first rare variety Tesco has offered. Tesco also recently sold mini avocado called Zilla Eggs and a giant, five times the size of a regular avocado, sized one called Avozilla.

What will be the next gold-flecked food variety? AndNowUKnow will keep you posted.