Grimmway Farms Awards 25 Scholarships; Jeff Huckaby and Dana Brennan Comment

Grimmway Farms Awards 25 Scholarships; Jeff Huckaby and Dana Brennan Comment

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Children are the future, and celebrating those who are showing dedication and hard work, Grimmway Farms recently hosted an outdoor reception at its headquarters to announce the 2021 recipients of the Grimmway Farms Scholarship Program. Each year, the company recognizes the superior academic performance of students who have a parent or guardian employed by Grimmway through the annual program. This year, 25 recent high school graduates were honored along with their families.

Jeff Huckaby, President and Chief Executive Officer, Grimmway Farms“Education has always been important at Grimmway Farms and we are grateful to continue the legacy of investing in our employees’ children. We are proud of a team that works hard every day to help feed the nation while raising children who perform at the top of their class,” said Jeff Huckaby, President and CEO. “We are proud of our scholarship recipients as well. We are excited to help you work toward your goal and wish you much success in the years to come.”

The scholarships offered by Grimmway are renewable for up to four years and are based on academic achievement. According to a press release, the grants provide financial support for students who are attending two- and four-year colleges and universities, and those who exceed a grade point average of a 4.0 receive a MacBook Pro laptop in addition to the scholarship funds to further aid their studies.

Dana Brennan, Vice President of Government and Public Affairs, Grimmway Farms“It has been a joy and inspiration getting to know these students throughout the application process,” shared Dana Brennan, Vice President of Government and Public Affairs. “The diversity of interests and drive is impressive, and we look forward to watching them grow throughout their college careers.”

This year’s scholarship recipients will be attending a wide range of top-ranked institutions, including Baylor University, Chapman University, Columbia University, and a variety of schools within the California State and University of California school systems.

Grimmway Farms recently held an outdoor reception to announced the 25 recipients of its 2021 recipients of the Grimmway Farms Scholarship Program

“It is such an incredible honor to receive this scholarship in support of my academic endeavors to pursue my dreams! I am beyond grateful for this award and I look forward to utilizing the MacBook Pro in my future courses,” said Yael Bright, a 2021 Grimmway Farms Scholarship Program recipient. “I am excited to announce I will be a student at the Columbia University-Tel Aviv University Dual Degree Program where I will study Digital Culture and Communication as well as Literature and Music. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Grimmway Farms, I am so honored.”

For more than two decades, Grimmway has supported over 740 students through scholarships totaling over $2.15 million.

The scholarships offered by Grimmway Farms are based on academic achievement and are renewable for up to four years

As the company transitions to new ownership, Grimmway will continue to expand the reach of its support, this year awarding scholarships to California students in Kern and Tulare counties and a student in Valdosta, Georgia.

Congratulations to all of the impressive students who received scholarships this year, and cheers to Grimmway for continuing to provide support to the next generation.

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