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GrubMarket Unveils Custom Mobile Ordering Apps for Food Wholesalers and Distributors; Genevieve Wang Shares

GrubMarket Unveils Custom Mobile Ordering Apps for Food Wholesalers and Distributors; Genevieve Wang Shares

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - On the heels of several key acquisitions, GrubMarket has taken to the newswires to announce the release of its latest offering, custom mobile ordering apps. Expanding its e-commerce products for suppliers, the apps can stand alone or integrate with GrubMarket’s WholesaleWare software platform, enhancing the end-to-end solution of wholesalers and distributors.

Genevieve Wang, Chief Software Officer, GrubMarket“Our new standalone apps allow wholesalers and distributors to offer their customers a modern, branded mobile ordering experience that differentiates them from their competition. The ability to create and receive orders quickly and seamlessly 24/7/365 is a game-changer for this industry that still largely relies on traditional sales methods,” said Genevieve Wang, Chief Software Officer. “Wholesalers and distributors can empower their customers with curated order guides and order history data, communicate with and support their customers in real-time, and announce limited-time promotions to drive order size. This holds incredible transformational impact for both the wholesale operation and its customers.”

GrubMarket’s new apps provide a convenient, user-friendly mobile solution that enables suppliers to streamline their business operations by centralizing and digitizing ordering and customer communications, a press release explained. Through the apps, wholesalers and distributors can supply a superior customer experience with a custom-branded mobile app that is available for download in Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.

GrubMarket has released its new custom mobile ordering apps for suppliers, enabling them to streamline their back-end operations and communications with customers

The mobile apps feature a fast and intuitive ordering interface that is quick and easy for customers to use to discover new products, place orders, and communicate with a salesperson through real-time messaging.

On the other end, suppliers can easily confirm orders, invite new customers, add new items, and access reports. They also have access to advanced features such as managing customer order guides and pricing, running promotions, selling by multiple units of measure, and configuring delivery days and charges.

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