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Guatemala's Fuego Volcano Seeing Effusive-Explosive Eruption

Guatemala's Fuego Volcano Seeing Effusive-Explosive Eruption

GUATEMALA - Central America is well-known for providing a strong link in the agricultural chain of our continent, but this week Guatemala is a hotbed of a different sort as the country’s Fuego Volcano stirs.

The mound is seeing an effusive-explosive eruption as of Tuesday, Sept 9, with reports of weak to moderate vulcanian-type explosions at regular intervals of 6 to 8 per hour, according to Volcano Discovery.

A grey ash plume has reached approximately 14,767 to 15,420 feet, or just under three miles high, as well as “incandescent material” reaching 150 to 300 meters, or about 500 to 984 feet.

No damages or transportation issues in relation to the explosions were included in the report, though the source did caution ash emissions were extending about 10 km, or 6.2 miles, to the west and southwest of the volcano. While ash can have a negative impact on ag, there was nothing to suggest that is the case for the current event.

Weak to moderate avalanches occured toward the Santa Teresa, Taniluyá, Ceniza, Trinidad, Las Lajas, and Honda direction.

Fuego is a volcano to remain aware of, having been the source of a tragic eruption in 2018 that necessitated rebuilding for many growers and operators in the area. Luckily, it seems that the current erruption is a mild one that is being closely monitored.

Be sure that AndNowUKnow will continue to keep an eye out for any of Mother Nature’s moves that could influence fresh produce.