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Hollandia Produce's Brian Cook Talks Live Gourmet Heartless Living Baby Romaine

Hollandia Produce's Brian Cook Talks Live Gourmet Heartless Living Baby Romaine

CARPINTERIA, CA - Being heartless might not be a marketable quality in humans, but when it comes to romaine, Hollandia Produce would be glad to tell you the many benefits.

Hollandia Produce launched its Heartless Living Baby Romaine lettuce in June. The new variety- born of a desire for dark, nutrient dense greens in romaine- received accolades via its nomination for the Best New Vegetable Product at United Fresh. When we checked in to see how the program is going, the company reports that consumers are loving the romaines freshness and flavor.

Brian Cook, Vice President of Sales, Hollandia Produce

“Live Gourmet Heartless Living Baby Romaine is my favorite product in our line-up. It’s crisp but tender leaves are so sweet, and since the plant is young I can put some turkey in the leaf and roll it up for a quick protein snack,” said Brian Cook, Vice President of Sales at Hollandia.

The product is sized to accommodate one entree salad or two side salads. The supple leaves also work well for lettuce wraps. Each bite packs a crisp crunch along with higher values of vitamins A, C, K and even some protein, the company reports.

The product is an improved version of a family favorite. According to Hollandia, the advantages of the living lettuce product line are that keeping roots intact boasts longer shelf life, increased freshness, less waste, crunchier texture, richer color, and a sweeter flavor.

The Heartless Living Baby Romaine is grown year-round in greenhouses from Oxnard, CA, and available in single count and two packs in micro-perforated flow bags, designed to minimize waste. As with all Hollandia products, the Live Gourmet Heartless Living Baby Romaine is non-GMO verified.

For increased sales, Hollandia advises retailers to merchandise all living products together in the store, since consumers will shop the category for its taste, freshness, and long shelf life. If needed, the product can be placed in with the wet veg when a pusher system is in place, or with other ready to eat salads.

Hollandia Produce

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