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Ippolito International's Lara Grossman Discusses New Chopped Greens Line

Ippolito International's Lara Grossman Discusses New Chopped Greens Line

SALINAS, CA - An ever-changing market, new virtual rules of engagement, and more have put all of us in the industry on high alert. Luckily, companies like Ippolito International thrive in this environment. I caught up with Lara Grossman, Sales and Marketing, about Ippolito’s new chopped greens line—and why this is adding value to the sector.

Lara Grossman, Sales and Marketing, Ippolito International“Our value-added chopped greens are a new player in our product line-up," Lara began. “We have seven SKUs (organic Tuscan Kale and organic Chopped Collards in five ounce; Chopped Kale, Mustard Greens, and Greens Trio in one pound; and Chopped Collards and Turnip Greens in two pounds). So far, the greens have been a very successful product line for us. By increasing the products we can offer our customers, we’re providing them more choices, which helps them offer more diversified items to their customers.”

Thus far, Ippolito has received the best feedback in regards to a sales spike as a result of expanding its product line.

“But, we’ve also gotten feedback regarding our overall efficiencies—we’re getting customers’ trucks loaded with fewer stops. Knowing this has helped us solidify relationships with customers that previously may have only been pulling ‘the short list’ of our commodities,” Lara noted. “Now, we’re in a different game, and frankly it’s exciting to have positive endorsement from customers. We have customers who’ve been delighted to learn that their stop at our cooler now brings additional options in value-added."

Ippolito International recently unveiled a new chopped greens line that adds differentiation to the value-added sector

Ippolito’s newly diversified capabilities allow it to respond to customers rapidly, a point of pride for the grower.

“Meeting the needs of customers and consumers is our highest focus, and, although COVID is a recent, and very concerning, factor, the market is always going to be in flux. These two facts of life are what drive us. So, every day, we put our energies towards managing our business to address both of these facts—and the value-added portion of our business is a recent result of this mentality,” Lara concluded.

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