Israeli Farmers Christen New Melon Variety After Justin Timberlake

Pop music sensation Justin Timberlake has appeared in movies, television shows, and now…produce? A group of Israeli farmers have christened a new melon variety after the singer/songwriter in honor of his greatly anticipated arrival in the country, according to Jerusalem Post.

images 060314Yellow on the outside and orange on the inside, the “Justin” melon is known for its sweet taste and three-week shelf life. The farmers in Ein Yahav hope that the melon will also serve as a good-luck charm for Timberlake, bringing him a long, healthy life, and continued success in his musical career.

The melon will hit supermarkets during the Rosh Hashanah holiday period this September.

When asked about the new Justin melon, Timberlake had only one thing to say: “I’m lovin’ it.”

What’s next? Lady Gaga Grapes? Katy Perry Pears? I’ll stop there before anyone gets any ideas...

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