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Jasmine Vineyards' Jon Zaninovich Discusses Varietal Differentiation and Flavor Trends

Jasmine Vineyards' Jon Zaninovich Discusses Varietal Differentiation and Flavor Trends

DELANO, CA - Varietal differentiation is a strong strategy for ensuring buy-side success, and Jasmine Vineyards knows this well. The grower prides itself on premium varieties and staying relevant to the market through continuous research and development. I recently caught up with President Jon Zaninovich in order to hear what varieties are taking the stage this season.

Jon Zaninovich, President, Jasmine Vineyards“Shoppers are becoming more aware of grape varieties now, and Sweet Celebration™ is one that is gaining recognition as a favorite red seedless variety,” he began. “Popular green seedless varieties include Sweet Globe™ and Summer Crunch. These are currently our top three varieties in terms of sales and volume.”

Jon explained that shoppers continue to want sweet and flavorful grapes, but just as important is the size and crunch. These are the eating qualities Jasmine Vineyards hears about most often from consumers. Of course, they rave about how big, flavorful, sweet, and crunchy Jasmine Vineyards grape varieties are.

While flavor is certainly key in driving foot traffic to the aisles, strategic merchandising is another aspect of CA table grape programs that is absolutely essential to securing sales.

Jasmine Vineyards most often hears that the flavor, size, and crunch are the most important eating qualities of table grapes

“Putting emphasis on seedless, California-grown, and snacking varieties is a great place to start,” Jon said. “I think educating consumers on the limited availability of California grapes can also drive category consumption throughout the California grape season.”

Speaking of which, Jasmine Vineyards expects its first varieties to be ready for harvest in mid-July, so be sure to make some room in your department plans for these tantalizing varieties.

For more information on Jasmine Vineyards’ upcoming table grape season, be sure to check out our recent market update courtesy of Jon.

More news is in the pipeline, so keep a tab open for ANUK.

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