Jasmine Vineyards' Jon Zaninovich Shares the Latest in the Field

Jasmine Vineyards' Jon Zaninovich Shares the Latest in the Field

DELANO, CA - As we creep into August, juicy little fruits clustered up in see-through bags surround me as I walk through the grocery store. Grapes are upon us. I recently had the pleasure to get to know a little bit more about what goes on out in the vineyards with Jon Zaninovich, President of Jasmine Vineyards.

Jon Zaninovich, President, Jasmine Vineyards“We have excellent size and quality of our crop this year, and are expecting about 20 percent more volume than last year,” states Jon. “We will be starting the summer off with white Summer Crunch, black Summer Royal, and red Flame Seedless.”

Grapes in general are a great and nutritious snack, easily portable, and ready to eat. In a time where convenience reigns, little bags (or big bags) of this delicious fruit are sure to draw consumers in, especially with the excellent promotable volumes Jasmine Vineyards is currently providing.

Jasmine Vineyards has reported excellent size and quality for this year’s crop, and 20 percent more volume than in 2018

“The market should straighten out in a few weeks, but our grapes are best promoted right out front in the produce section with bold banners,” continued Jon. “We’re bolstering online presence as well for the increasing trend in home delivery and store pickup.”

With excellent promotable volume, Jasmine Vineyards provides consumers with convenient, delicious fruit

Both easy to eat and easy to obtain—that sounds like a win-win in my books. With social media taking more precedence in our everyday lives, information is also easier to access, which means more recipes to showcase the versatility in these summer delicacies.

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