Kroger Announces New Partnership With 80 Acres Farms; Dan De La Rosa and Mike Zelkind Share

Kroger Announces New Partnership With 80 Acres Farms; Dan De La Rosa and Mike Zelkind Share

CINCINNATI, OH - Fresh produce has taken the spotlight for Kroger as it continues to expand its product portfolio, strengthening its partnership with 80 Acre Farms. Alongside the vertical farming company, the grocer plans to bring fresh, clean produce to more consumers nationwide.

Dan De La Rosa, Group Vice President of Fresh Merchandising, Kroger"At Kroger, we believe everyone deserves access to fresh, delicious food," said Dan De La Rosa, Kroger's Group Vice President of Fresh Merchandising. "80 Acres' unique approach and technology enables us to offer fresh, nutritious produce to our customers while advancing sustainable growing practices. Together, we'll expand the reach of these long-lasting and great-tasting 80 Acres Farms items year-round."

80 Acre Farms has been a Kroger supplier since 2019, having started out in a single store in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, before expanding to over 300 locations across Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky in 2021. According to a release, as the pair grow their partnership, the company will serve 1,000 stores throughout the Midwest and Southeast.

In an effort to provide fresh produce to more consumers nationwide, Kroger is expanding its partnership with 80 Acres Farms

Kroger is bringing 80 Acres Farms' fresh produce to new regions, including Michigan, Tennessee, and Georgia, in early 2023, and the Mid-Atlantic and Delta regions in the fall. Eventually, the grower will supply Kroger shoppers with products beyond the company's existing salad blends.

Mike Zelkind, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, 80 Acres Farms"Retailers have long been attracted to indoor farming because of its potential to supply fresh, healthy, and great-tasting produce in a more environmentally sustainable and resilient manner," said 80 Acres Farms Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mike Zelkind. "Kroger recognizes the importance of vertical farming in our nation's future food supply chain and the value we deliver by offering differentiated products that customers love."

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