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Kroger Launches Dark Kitchen Partnership with ClusterTruck

Kroger Launches Dark Kitchen Partnership with ClusterTruck

OHIO & INDIANA - If you’ve been following along with us on our sister site, Deli Market News, then you already know that ghost kitchens have taken a hold of consumers. Now, Kroger wants to further throw its hat into this ring by launching its own dark kitchen format with ClusterTruck, a software platform that powers profitable, vertically-integrated, delivery-only kitchens.

Yael Cosset, CIO, Kroger“The way our customers order and receive meals is evolving, and ClusterTruck's innovative culinary and digital design is cracking the code for the future of profitable meal delivery,” said Yael Cosset, Kroger's CIO. “Kroger is leveraging ClusterTruck's advanced technology to ensure our customers don't have to sacrifice quality and value for convenience when it comes to meal delivery. Kroger Delivery Kitchen Powered by ClusterTruck will allow our customers to access restaurant-quality fresh and delicious meals like never before and without having to pay excessive service or delivery fees.”

Kroger is partnering with ClusterTruck to launch a so-called "Dark Kitchen" format

According to a press release, the initial rollout will see Kroger Delivery Kitchen Powered launch in Carmel, Indiana—where Kroger and ClusterTruck are jointly opening a fourth kitchen—and Indianapolis and Columbus, Ohio. Kroger Delivery Kitchen aims to deliver fresh and delicious meals on-demand without service or delivery fees. Customers in Carmel, Indianapolis, and Columbus delivery zones can go to KrogerDeliveryKitchen.com to place their orders online or download the ClusterTruck app.

Chris Baggott, Co-Founder and CEO, ClusterTruck“Our recipe for success has been a blend of cutting-edge software combined with high-quality ingredients and delicious variety,” said Chris Baggott, ClusterTruck Co-Founder and CEO. “This winning combination has allowed us to thrill customers across the country, while achieving profitability. We're excited to partner with Kroger to redefine the food experience for its valued customers.”

A proprietary software system powers ClusterTruck’s dark kitchens, utilizing custom algorithms to optimize kitchen and delivery operations. This systematic approach to meal delivery ensures that nearly every order is in the hands of the customer within 7 minutes of the meal's preparation. The average time between placing an order and a customer receiving their food is less than 30 minutes—less time it takes for pizza it looks like.

Suzy Monford, Group Vice President of Fresh, Kroger“ClusterTruck's ultra-fresh and quick made-from-scratch meals sets it apart in the food delivery landscape,” said Suzy Monford, Kroger's Group Vice President of Fresh. “Kroger Delivery Kitchen customers can order pizza or Pad Thai on the same order and get it delivered hot and fresh, within minutes of the meals being prepared. We are excited to work together to bring this partnership to life to provide our customers with real food delivered to their door step!”

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