Kroger Strengthens Delivery Service With New Spoke Facility in Birmingham, Alabama; Bill Bennett Discusses

Kroger Strengthens Delivery Service With New Spoke Facility in Birmingham, Alabama; Bill Bennett Discusses

BIRMINGHAM, AL - A new spoke location is being added to Birmingham, Alabama, under the Kroger name, serving as a last-mile cross-dock location for the retailer. It will operate as a seamless extension of the regional fulfillment center in Atlanta, Georgia, making Kroger Delivery available to more customers in the greater Birmingham area.

Bill Bennett, Vice President and Head of E-Commerce, Kroger“Kroger Delivery starts by bringing the shopping experience to wherever our customers are, whether they are using the Kroger app or browsing our weekly ad at Here, customers can access our seamless experience that promises an extensive assortment, thousands of digital coupons, and an entirely personalized shopping trip,” said Bill Bennett, Vice President and Head of E-Commerce. “Through this zero-compromise service, customers can get fresh, affordable groceries brought to their door through a best-in-class white glove delivery experience, enabled by our refrigerated trucks and amazing trained drivers. This cutting-edge technology sets a new unmatched standard for grocery delivery.”

According to the press release, the approximately 50,000-square-foot facility will work with the Atlanta fulfillment center, increasing the network's reach to customers up to 90 minutes from the hub. The facility is located on West Oxmoor Drive in Birmingham’s Jefferson County and will employ more than 160 associates.

Operating as an extension of its Atlanta, Georgia, fulfillment center, Kroger has added a new spoke location in Birmingham, Alabama, which will bring Kroger Delivery to the area

The new spoke facility will work in conjunction with the newly launched Boost by Kroger, the retailer’s annual membership program. This Birmingham expansion will build on Kroger’s successful partnership with Ocado Group.

Kroger’s end-to-end cold solutions keep groceries fresh once loaded into a customized refrigerated delivery van, which can store up to 20 orders. Powerful machine learning algorithms optimize delivery routes, considering factors such as road conditions and optimal fuel efficiency. Vans may travel up to 90 miles with orders from the hub and spoke facilities to make deliveries. Associates at the spoke facility will deliver orders within their service area, adding ZIP codes as demand grows.

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