Lake Berryessa's Glory Hole Spillway Overflows in California

Lake Berryessa's Glory Hole Spillway Overflows in California

NAPA COUNTY, CA – As California calibrates after its last round of storms, with parts of the state still experiencing water fall, the state’s reservoirs are also feeling the impact of this wet winter. The infamous Glory Hole spillway in Lake Berryessa has overflowed with the deluge of precipitation for the first time in ten years

As of this morning, Lake Berryessa News stated that the water levels are on the rise, with the lake predicted to hit 443.5 feet by today. This height will bring the lake to 3.5 feet over the Glory Hole’s mouth. As water continues to discharge into the spillway, authorities noted that the reservoir initially reached full capacity on Friday morning and has been emptying into the Glory Hole all weekend.

Also known as an open bell-mouth spillway, the Glory Hole boasts a diameter of 72 feet. When the lake reaches capacity, water is sucked down the opening and down into over 200 feet of vertical pipe. The lake has only reached Glory Hole standing 26 times since its creation in 58-year history. Lake Berryessa acts as a reservoir for the Monticello Dam.

SF Gate noted that Lake Berryessa is one of California’s reservoirs that was suffering from low levels prior to winter’s spew of rain. At this time last year, the reservoir was 42.1 feet lower than today. As of the first of the year, the water levels have risen a whopping 39.8 feet

According to The Mercury News, officials have cautioned those in the area to remain at a distance from the dam due to risk of rocks and mudslides from the hill. The area expects precipitation to continue through Wednesday, with the Glory Hole continuing its spillway for the near future.

The Lake Berryessa Glory Hole is not the only reservoir to make headlines as of late, as the Oroville Dam spillways made the news for being in misrepair under the increased rainfall.

With winter not yet over for the previously drought beleaguered state, what does this mean for the upcoming California crop season as rains continue to sprinkle the forecast? AndNowUKnow will have the latest.