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Mastronardi Produce® Takes Home the Besties Award for Best Social Media Culinary Artistry; Julia Shreve and Kira Pocedic Discuss

Mastronardi Produce® Takes Home the Besties Award for Best Social Media Culinary Artistry; Julia Shreve and Kira Pocedic Discuss

LEAMINGTON, ON - If you give a man a fish, as the saying goes, you feed him for a day. If you teach him to fish…well, in the case of the produce industry, you create a repeat customer.

The digital age, and the access it has given our industry, has broadened the capabilities of lending food preparation and possibilities to the masses, and one company among many has truly stood out. With in-house innovation in food science and flavor combinations, not to mention attention to detail in aesthetics, Mastronardi Produce® has been named AndNowUKnow’s first-ever Best Social Media Culinary Artistry Bestie Award winner.

Julia Shreve, Marketing Director—Brand & Innovation, Mastronardi Produce®“We were so excited to receive this award,” Julia Shreve, Marketing Director—Brand & Innovation, shared with me recently. “We saw an opportunity to leverage social media in a much greater way to connect with consumers, looking at what engages best and also what represents our brand. Now, we are in a remarkable space in which influencers reach out asking to partner with us. So, we are very proud of where we are today on social media.”

Mastronardi Produce’s distinctive SUNSET® brand sets a new bar in social strategy, presenting produce as a craveable commodity.




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Julia said this is due in no small part to Kira Pocedic, Brand Manager.

Kira Pocedic, Brand Manager, Mastronardi Produce®“Social media, and in particular video, is an important tool for brands to use and an integral part of our marketing strategy,” Kira shared. “By studying what resonates and pursuing various creative tactics for future content strategy, we are able to create content that attracts consumers and present new products in a different, more enticing way to close the loop on sales.”

We had the chance to present Julia with a glass apple while at an exclusive gathering in Monterey, California, this past July, a moment I personally appreciated along with our team after admiring the unique and consistently sharp digital content creation Mastronardi Produce has brought to the industry.

Stay tuned for more industry individuals and companies who captured our eyes as top innovators as we continue to report the winners of our inaugural Besties Awards.

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