New Year's Reflections: Endless Possibilities

New Year's Reflections: Endless Possibilities

SACRAMENTO, CA - 2023 is going to be my year.

I have been telling myself this since February. Admittedly, 2022 was not what I imagined it would be. I went through an abrupt and unexpected life change that entirely altered my perception of myself—for the better. Even still, it was a difficult year full of “firsts,” and this is my love letter to the Chandler of past, present, and future.

Above all, I learned this year that I am resilient. When faced with something that feels seemingly impossible, I push my “flight” instinct to the side and put my fists up. Despite my feelings around self image and confidence, I am my greatest and truest champion in times of struggle, simply by willing myself to get to the other side.

Despite any challenges faced in 2022, there are endless possibilities ahead in 2023, according to Chandler James

All of that being said, I cannot write this letter without extending my gratitude to those in my life who have been there through the good times and bad. My family, who is more important to me than anything in this life, supported me in ways I never knew I needed. Friends new and familiar held my hand through this intrepid journey. And my editorial team here at AndNowUKnow made space for me to heal while challenging me to rise to my greatest potential.

As I look toward the new year, I am flushed with excitement at the possibilities of what the future holds. The runway is laid out ahead of me and lined with signs pointing toward my wildest dreams. One resolution that has been sitting at the top of my list for some time now is to travel the world, and I am happy to say that my best friend and I just bought our tickets to visit Europe in May. Time will only tell what other opportunities lie in wait.

An upcoming trip to Europe in May 2023 has been in the works for many years now

I am determined to continue deepening my connections with those closest to me. At the same time, I aim to look inward and become familiar with the beautiful and complicated compartments that make up my being. And to double down on that, I plan to keep my 16-week Peloton streak going strong.

I will remember this chapter in my life fondly, but I cannot wait to turn the page.

2023 is going to be our year.

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