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Oprah and Ellen Make Grocery Shopping Fun: First Stop, Produce!

Oprah and Ellen Make Grocery Shopping Fun: First Stop, Produce!

CALIFORNIA - Gelsons Market shoppers got an extra treat when Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey decided to make the location their first trip to a grocery store in quite some time, as reported by People Food.

Oprah WinfreyOprah could say on hand her last time grocery shopping was Thanksgiving of last year, Ellen however simply had to say “years” since her last trip.

Luckily for my reporting heart, the two show-stopping celebrities went straight for the produce and dove right into the fruits and veggies (almost literally).

Ellen Degeneres“Oprah’s touched all the peaches everybody! Whoever wants a peach, Oprah’s touched them,” Ellen shouted to shoppers.

She also treated the world to Oprah holding some strategically-placed melons, despite the fact that all Oprah wanted to do was knock on them to see which one she liked best.

The cucumbers had a time to shine, as Ellen double-checked with Oprah what might be a better size to shop for when picking out the vegetables. She also took the time to hose down the organics for the Gelson produce employees. Thanks Ellen!

Credited to Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

It turns out Oprah is also a big fan of cauliflower–not only does she slap some florets (is that a Josie’s Organics label I spy?) but she also stacked up on her own O, That’s Good! line including the cauliflower mashed potatoes that she seemed extra excited for.

The show-stopper that I loved was how excited Oprah was seeing a passer-by’s cart and heading straight for the contents.

Credited to Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

“Are these Brussel’s sprouts?” she asks the shopper excitedly. “Oh, we need some of these.”

Also, it turns out while she may be a brilliant philanthropist, investor, and beyond, Oprah is very easily startled by Halloween decorations, much to Ellen’s delight.

Woman after my own heart, excited consumer Stephanie came up for a sample of O, That’s Good! and, when asked what she was making with her groceries, informed the two stars that it was Taco Tuesday to which Ellen said, “Why don’t we come help you cook?”

And she meant it.

See for yourselves the hilarity when Ellen and Oprah drive Stephanie home personally in the video above. (Hint: Ellen has probably not driven in a while, either.) What a great way to kick off my week, I hope you agree!