Organic Grower Summit Educates on Burgeoning Hemp Marketplace

Organic Grower Summit Educates on Burgeoning Hemp Marketplace

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MONTEREY, CA - With the national acceptance of marijuana in the legal system, hemp has also entered into much of the public's good graces as well. While hemp has always been used for functionality like in clothing, ropes, or carrier bags, the crop has also been used for body ailments and personal health care in the forms of CBD oil or hair care. The industrial usage of hemp is virtually boundless, and OGS wants to highlight that at the 2019 event slated for this December in Monterey, California.

April Crittenden, Chief Certification Officer, California Certified Organic Farmers“The legalization of hemp production via the 2018 Farm Bill provides new opportunities for farmers and processors. Hemp is a sustainable crop that has the potential to both change the agricultural landscape and boost the United States economy,” April Crittenden, Chief Certification Officer, California Certified Organic Farmers, and a panel moderator at this year's OGS stated.

According to the press release, “The Growing Hemp Market in the US” will explore the market for hemp and what lies ahead for producers and extractors of organic hemp. Panelists for the session include Chris Boucher, CEO of Farmtiva, and Ray Drysdale, Founder and CEO of PureCrop1. Crittenden will be the moderator for this panel.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Chris Boucher, April Crittenden, Haley Baron, and Ray Drysdale will be panelists for the OGS session

The Hemp Business Journal estimates the U.S. hemp industry will grow to a $1.9 billion-dollar market by 2022. As of February, 41 states had approved cultivation of hemp, although only 24 states were growing it this year. In total, 78,176 acres of hemp were cultivated last year, compared to 25,713 in 2017.

Before the intriguing session takes place, the 2019 OGS will start off with an educational program, “Strategies to Reduce Risk through Organic Soil Health Practices,” that will be a two-and-half hour intensive education session on Wednesday, December 4. Panelists for the session include Phil Foster, Founder and Owner of Foster Ranch; Steve Pavich, Senior Plant Nutritionist at BioFlora; and Jared Zystro, Research and Education Assistant Director with The Organic Seed Alliance. The session will be moderated by Organic Farming Research Foundation’s Haley Baron, Education and Research Program Associate. Organic growing and production experts will discuss how to identify and implement effective soil health-based risk reduction practices as well as exploring different research topics such as seed and plant breeding, soil health, and weed and pest issues.

Source: HIA, "2015 Annual Retail Sales for Hemp Products Estimated at $573 Million," May 9, 2016

Haley Baron, Education and Research Associate, Organic Farming Research Foundation“Organic farmers are confronted with an array of production risks, including yield losses resulting from poor germination, extreme weather events, weeds, pests, and nutrient limitations. Growers can experience long-term declines in crop productivity related to soil erosion, compaction, and/or degradation. Building and maintaining healthy soil—rich in organic matter and beneficial organisms—is one of the best strategies growers can implement to mitigate these risks," said Baron.

Among other topics that will be addressed by organic industry leaders at OGS are the impact of technological advances in organic agriculture, a look at what lies ahead for plant health, and taking a proactive stance on sustainability reporting efforts.

Visit the site for more information on the third annual Organic Grower Summit and continue reading AndNowUKnow for more updates as it draws nearer.

Organic Grower Summit

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