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Panasonic Announces Opening of Produce Factory in Singapore

Panasonic Announces Opening of Produce Factory in Singapore

SINGAPORE - Better known for its electronics engineers and high tech devices, Panasonic is proving that it can be a capable farmer as well. Panasonic is looking to expand its produce factories into Singapore following its success in Japan. The new plant, which in a former life was used to attach electronic parts to substrate, will grow a variety of vegetables and is expected to provide important fresh produce to local schools. Panasonic is looking to expand its produce factories into Singapore, following its success in Japan.

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This experiment in agriculture began when Panasonic converted one of its Fukushima factory buildings into a state-of-the art produce laboratory after its digital camera assembly line had been damaged during the Great East Japan Earthquake. Now where it used to assemble memory cards and digital cameras, Panasonic grows lettuce, according to a press release.

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Takayoshi Tanizawa, a Panasonic veteran who transitioned 3 years ago from making massage chairs to growing produce, laughs looking back on the unexpected occupational change.

“Massage chairs are difficult. One person may say it feels good while the other may say the complete opposite," Mr. Tanizawa said. "Plants don't complain. They're so obedient and good," he told the Wall Street Journal.

If the Singapore experiment succeeds, Panasonic plans to begin selling its production system for vegetables to businesses in other countries throughout Southeast Asia. According to the Global Post, it would be targeting almost $1 billion in sales in such an event.

Panasonic also developed a self-regulating greenhouse for growing spinach, which it then turns around sells to agricultural corporations looking to expand.

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Not bad at all for a camera manufacturer.

Congratulations on the new factory Panasonic!