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Peruvian Police Find Over Two Tons of Drugs in Asparagus Shipment

Peruvian Police Find Over Two Tons of Drugs in Asparagus Shipment

LIMA, PERU – Asparagus is in season in Peru, and unfortunately, apparently so is drug smuggling. This Wednesday, January 11, Peruvian police raided a shipment of the veggies and found more than 4,500 pounds of cocaine. The shipment was valued at $4 million in Peru and over $170 million at its intended destination, in packages headed for Amsterdam.

According to news source Business Insider, authorities from the Peruvian Nation Police’s Anti-drug Office raided a property run by exporter Fresh Aromas of Peru Corporation in the district of Ate on the eastern outskirts of Lima late Wednesday night. Police found pallets with cans of asparagus concealing packages of cocaine.

Six people were arrested in conjunction with the cocainea Serbian man and five Peruvians suspected of running a smuggling operation from a local gourmet food business. Additionally, authorities seized two SUVs, $75,000 in cash, computer and communication equipment, and a single pistol.

Source: Peruvian National Police

Local prosecutors believe the arrested group are part of an international drug-trafficking network shipping cocaine from Latin America to Europe.

Peru is among the world’s largest producers of asparagus, quinoa, avocado, artichoke—and unfortunately, cocaine. According to Business Insider, drug trafficking has risen to the point where some officials have warned that the country is in danger of becoming a “narco state.”

Where will these nefarious characters infiltrate the produce industry next? Stay tuned to AndNowUKnow for developments.