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Select Monterey Mushrooms Packages to Feature Summer Label Art

Select Monterey Mushrooms Packages to Feature Summer Label Art

WATSONVILLE, CA - Monterey Mushrooms is feeding into the playfulness of summer with fresh packaging targeting seasonal consumer needs. Last week, the mushroom provider unveiled new seasonal label art for a few of its hottest lines, including its packages of whole and sliced baby bellas, whole and sliced whites, and portabella caps.

Lindsey Roberts, Marketing Manager, Monterey Mushrooms“Fresh mushroom use peaks in the summer as the number of ways to cook with mushrooms increases,” said Lindsey Roberts, Marketing Manager. “People use their grills more in the summer and they make more salads. Mushrooms are a versatile ingredient that can be easily added to many favorite recipes.”

According to a press release, the new label art features recipes that are perfect for the summer months, like grilling hacks and mushroom snacks.

Monterey Mushrooms will feature seasonal label art all summer on select products

Retailers can also point produce aisle displays toward Monterey Mushrooms’ website, as the company is also adding the seasonal recipes and photos to all of its social media and digital platforms. To spread the word even further, the mushroom provider is also teaming up with food bloggers and influencers.

The new labels are available now through September, so get your retail-hands on the new packaging to be on-trend this summer!

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