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Smart & Final Rebrands with a Focus on the Ampersand

Smart & Final Rebrands with a Focus on the Ampersand

COMMERCE, CA -Smart & Final has a new branding campaign in the works, and this time it's all about the “&”. The “&” symbol, or the ampersand as it’s otherwise known, has been in the logo for the past 144 years, but now the company wants to showcase it front and center to highlight Smart & Final’s relationship with both its customers and the communities it serves.

Eleanor Hong, Chief Marketing Officer, Smart & Final"Smart & Final has a rich history and commitment of inclusion. The ampersand signifies many different components of our company, including the partnership between our founders Mr. Smart & Mr. Final, treating our customers like friends & neighbors, and serving as a warehouse & market," said Smart & Final's Chief Marketing Officer, Eleanor Hong. "We are rebranding to ensure customers know who we are, what we offer and what we stand for so that they can choose Smart & Final as their primary shopping destination."

The roll out for this new campaign will include print, radio, television, and outdoor advertising in select markets and digital outreach now through July 3rd, and aims to tell the story of what the value-oriented food and staples retailer has become through its growth initiatives and will highlight the company's heritage. Smart & Final says it is seeking to increase presence and aggressive store growth plan by highlighting the "&".

According to a press release, the "&" in the company's name symbolizes the powerful pairings that give Smart & Final its identity including Warehouse & Market, Business & Households, Restaurant Quality & Low Prices, among others. 

"Our successes are marked by connections," added Hong. "Households rely on us for the finest meats and freshest produce for their families while local restaurant owners depend on us for the right products, prices and sizes. They will find all of these offerings and more at Smart & Final stores located in the communities we build together."

As we’ve previously reported, Smart & Final is scheduled to open more Smart & Final Extra! stores in 2015, although it has lowered its expectations from 20 new locations to 16.

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