Starbucks Debuts New Fruit-Topped Ombré Sangria Tea

Starbucks Debuts New Fruit-Topped Ombré Sangria Tea

SOUTH KOREA - Starbucks South Korea has launched a new summer favorite that is taking consumers by storm: the ombré-style Sangria Red Tea.

Decorated with fresh apples, oranges, and grapes, and a mix of what is likely orange juice and a hibiscus-style red tea, it is a bit of a mystery to those of us drooling over this fruit-powered beverage from across the world. News source Popsugar reports that while the drink is listed on the company’s South Korea menu, the ingredients are not available on the website.

 Nonetheless, its picturesque presentation has helped the Sangria Red Tea take the Instagram community by storm. The hashtag #상그리아레드티 (Sangria Red Tea) is decorated with more than 7,500 posts of consumers sipping and supporting the drink.

This is the latest in a string of products featuring produce by the global brand touting more than 24,000 stores in 70 countries on its website. Last month Starbucks announced a partnership with music and fashion icon Lady Gaga on a new line of fruity drinks, and earlier this year it announced that its “secret” Pink Drink would be made an official addition to the menu–strawberries and all.

Will this latest launch, too, make the official list of offering in time to treat U.S. consumers before the colder months ensue? As a fruit-infused sangria fan, I certainly hope so.

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