Stemilt Growers Announces National Contest Promoting Lil Snappers® Brand: Brianna Shales Comments

Stemilt Growers Announces National Contest Promoting Lil Snappers® Brand: Brianna Shales Comments

WENATCHEE, WA – Engaging mini-mes throughout the nation is Stemilt Growers, with its latest contest called Snappiest Lil Snappers. The digital contest calls for videos and stories of witty tots by their parents, engaging with fans through social media while reinforcing the company’s popular kid-portioned apples and pears Lil Snappers® snacks.

Brianna Shales, Communications Manager, Stemilt Growers“The Snappiest Lil Snappers contest is a unique way to reach parent consumers and tap into what they love to talk and share most about–their kids,” said Brianna Shales, Communications Manager, in a recent press release. “We’re encouraging video or written submissions of those witty, or snappy things kids say and emphasizing the Lil Snappers brand throughout in order to continue building awareness for these healthy, kid-sized fruits.”

Parents have consistently been fans of the snacks since their 2011 debut, since the produce item is catered to children’s eating styles and portion-sizes with flavor-packed varieties. Since its launch seven years ago, Stemilt has produced a full line of 3 lb pouch bags in different apple and pear varieties, as well as created its Lil Snappers Artisan Organics™ apples and pears. Bringing Lil Snappers’ message and success, the contest celebrates the company’s wide distribution.

Stemilt Lil Snappers Granny Smith 3 lb Pouch Pag

Those looking to join the contest can either upload a video or share a story about their Snappiest Lil Snapper by 11:59 PT, March 1st here. There will be 11 winners selected for a chance to win a Visa card, and the grand prize winner will walk away with a $1,000 Visa gift card. Second place will win a $500 Visa gift card, while four winners tied for third place will win $250 Visa gift cards. Five fifth place winners will win $100 Visa gift cards.

“We are using social media to help push the contest and working with some great influencers to help reach parents in key market areas,” said Shales, expanding that the company is working with influencers on social media and advertising to ramp up public relation efforts for the contest.

For example, Ashley from A Party of Four, an influential blog, wrote this post. Ashley shared the contest details with her followers and showcased a unique Apple Cookie recipe using Lil Snappers Piñata® apples.

Lil Snappers Piñata Apples 3 lb Pouch Bag

This is a prime time for retailers to join in on the excitement–Shales encouraged that the contest is a fun way for customers to engage with the produce department. To do this, the company will provide assets with partnering retailers, including merchandising options promoting the brand’s popular Lil Snappers snacks.

How will the contest influence consumers and engage in pointed efforts to excite supermarket patrons? AndNowUKnow will keep you updated with the latest!

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