Taylor Farms Partners with Labor of Love Program to Show Employee Appreciation

Taylor Farms Partners with Labor of Love Program to Show Employee Appreciation

SALINAS, CA – Smiling faces were abound in the fields of Taylor Farms yesterday, as the company awarded two crews of automated romaine harvesters with surprise gifts in connection with Labor of Love. 

Christina Barnard, Director of Marketing, Taylor Farms“At Taylor Farms people are the key to our success,” said Christina Barnard, Director of Marketing, Taylor Farms Retail. “Showing appreciation and support for their dedication and hard work is the foundation of our family culture.”

Partnered with Labor of Love, company employees and program representatives surprised each 34-person crew during their morning break. Each worker was given a breakfast burrito, thank you letter from Taylor Farms, and a $20 Walmart gift card.

The Taylor Farms team of (left to right) Albert Garnica, Christina Barnard, Chris Rotticci, and Sydney Burlison

Taylor Farms stated in a press release that it wanted to give thanks to its workers for their service to the agriculture industry in bringing quality vegetables to consumers all the way at the store shelf. 

The automated romaine harvester was initially introduced by the company in 2009, and provides an ergonomically correct working environment to its crews.

To see more of how Taylor Farms showed its hard-working harvesters thanks from the company, why it picked the automating harvesting crew, and the subsequent crew reactions, watch the video above. 

Jenna Hanson Abramson, Mavelle Media“Labor of Love is dedicated to thanking farmworkers for their service to the agriculture industry within our community,” explained Jenna Hanson Abramson of Mavelle Media. “We've had the opportunity to thank thousands of fieldworkers and share their stories with millions...way beyond Yuma and the Salinas Valley. It feels great to be able to partner with companies like Taylor Farms to show gratitude for these men and women because they work so hard and are always so appreciative when we surprise them in the fields. They deserve it." 

Christina Barnard (left) and Sydney Burlison (right) with Juan Luis Ramos (center) an Automated Harvester Operator at Taylor Farms

Labor of Love is made possible through the Yuman Fresh Vegetable Association, and aims to show appreciation and support to farm workers and harvesters throughout the Salinas Valley. The program will run through September, reaching millions of people in the surrounding communities as each company and workers are featured every week.

As companies across the industry recognize the value and efforts of all of their employees, AndNowUKnow will cover all the surprises and grateful representations along the way.

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