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Tozer Introduces New Parsnip Variety; Anthony Stevenson Comments

Tozer Introduces New Parsnip Variety; Anthony Stevenson Comments

SANTA MARIA, CA - Through its innovative work in the vegetable breeding industry, Tozer continues to develop new varieties. Recently, the company launched Gladiator, a commercial F1 hybrid parsnip, and followed this launch with Sabre—another hybrid parsnip variety—to meet market demands.

Anthony Stevenson, Area Sales Representative, Tozer"After meticulous trials, we are proud to introduce Sabre, a new hybrid parsnip variety, which is now commercially available," said Anthony Stevenson, Area Sales Representative. "Sabre has a white smooth skin finish which is noticeably slower to discolor. The smooth-skinned roots offer great flavor and strong resistance to root canker. Our passion for plant breeding drives Tozer to continue introducing innovative varieties."

Tozer’s great work in the industry can be traced back to its deep-rooted traditions, commitment to excellent customer service, and extensive research and development (R&D). According to a press release, Tozer continues to utilize its extensive knowledge of genetics and horticulture to introduce exceptional new varieties.

Tozer recently introduced a new parsnip variety named Sabre to meet the demands of the market

As new varieties such as Sabre arise, Tozer ensures that the communication between its product development team and its international sales staff are constant. With a dialogue in place, extensive monitoring and feedback can be maintained throughout the plant breeding process. With the use of the latest plant breeding technology and techniques, Tozer is able to create unique varieties that align with the market's needs and are suitable for diverse climate conditions, the release went on to note.

Alongside Tozer's impressive R&D, the company also has rigorous communication in place to ensure that customers receive first-rate service

For each of its hybrids, Tozer looks to develop varieties with good vigor, canker resistance, shallow crowns, smooth skin, resistance to bruising, and white roots of uniform shape and size.

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