Trinity Fruit Company Debuts Squeezed Juice Premium Line at Winter Fancy Food Show 2022; Angela Hernandez, Jeri Elsasser, and Jackie Nakashian Comment

Trinity Fruit Company Debuts Squeezed Juice Premium Line at Winter Fancy Food Show 2022; Angela Hernandez, Jeri Elsasser, and Jackie Nakashian Comment

LAS VEGAS, NV - Industry in-person expos, oh how we have missed you! Nothing quite showcases the delights of the industry like seeing those who make it possible showcasing the latest innovations. Among those exhibiting at this month’s Winter Fancy Food Show was Trinity Fruit, launching a fresh take on juice to meet all the burgeoning demands of retailers and consumers alike.

Accurately branded Squeezed Juice, the line was unveiled in two flavor options, mandarin and pomegranate, with no added water and no nonsense.

Jackie Nakashian, Brand Manager, Trinity Fruit Company“The idea for Squeezed Juice came from wanting to give consumers another way to consume fresh fruit with an emphasis on not-from-concentrate—our juice is 100-percent squeezed fresh from fruit grown in California by Trinity Fruit,” Brand Manager Jackie Nakashian explained. “Our goal is to use our fruits in different ways so that consumption is exciting, and sustainability is optimized.”

As consumers become more and more aware of what they are putting into their bodies and where it comes from, Trinity Fruit is leaning into its grower roots to help differentiate its offerings among fresh departments, bridging produce to deli and specialty foods.

Angela Hernandez, Director of Marketing, Trinity Fruit Company“What makes Trinity Fruit unique is how we have grown to provide specialty items for shoppers to consume fruit in different ways. Trinity offers special items that are able to fill produce, deli, and specialty from fresh roots we can trace,” Angela Hernandez, Director of Marketing, shared. “In addition to launching Squeezed Juice—a new juice product to add to our seasoned portfolio—we offer dried pomegranate seeds that are a great option for snacking and/or adding to salads, parfaits, oatmeal, or any other fun dishes!”

These new juices are indeed specialty fresh items as they offer a one-of-a-kind experience.

Trinity Fruit Company launched its Squeezed Juice line at this month’s Winter Fancy Food Show 2022, unveiling Mandarin and Pomegranate flavors to help differentiate offerings offerings among fresh departments

Bringing a knowledgeable background in differentiation and bridging known and possible perceptions of fresh, Jeri Elsasser, Creative Director, said, is what brought the latest addition to Trinity Fruit’s lineup to life.

Jeri Elsasser, Creative Director, Trinity Fruit Company“We envision the Squeezed Juice premium juice line as an extension of the produce department with year-round availability. We want the consumers to experience the Squeezed Juice taste to be as fresh as eating California-grown Buddy’s mandarins or Juicy Gems pomegranate arils. Squeezed Juice is not from concentrate, so the juice keeps all of its vitamins and minerals as if you were eating a mandarin or pomegranate,” Jeri pointed out.

Trinity Fruit’s new Squeezed Juices will be available for in-store sale soon, but for buyers’ whose interest is already piqued, mosey over to Instagram and check out @thesqueezedjuice.

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