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Tropical Storm Warnings and Flood Watch Issued for the Gulf Coast

Tropical Storm Warnings and Flood Watch Issued for the Gulf Coast

NEW ORLEANS, LA – With a potentially-dangerous storm system fast approaching the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, a tropical storm warning and a flash flood watch have been issued for portions of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Wet weather is expected up and down the gulf coast, from southeast Texas to the Florida Panhandle. Should the storm continue to develop, it could be named Subtropical or Tropical Storm Cindy.

According to local ABC News affiliate WDSU, rain and flooding is expected to occur through Thursday, and the storm has the potential to bring four to eight inches of rainfall to the region—and more than 12 inches to isolated areas—in the span of mere days. Gusty winds, rip currents, and even isolated tornadoes are also expected to occur throughout the region, as well.

Tropical Storm Watches/Warnings. Photo Credit: The Weather Channel

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has issued tropical storm warnings and a flash flood watch for parts of south Texas, all of southeast Louisiana, and coastal Mississippi, noting the potential for flooding and damage from torrential rain and winds. The NHC has also noted the strong possibility of a tropical cyclone developing in the next five days, as the storm proceeds inland throughout the week.

The storm warning is currently in effect from High Island, Texas, to the mouth of the Pearl River, according to a report from The Weather Channel.

The storm system is currently moving northwest toward the coast at 10 mph. AndNowUKnow will continue to report on weather conditions that may affect important growing and transportation regions in our industry.