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United Fresh BrandStorm Speaker and Eat My Words CEO Alexandra Watkins Talks Produce Industry Naming

United Fresh BrandStorm Speaker and Eat My Words CEO Alexandra Watkins Talks Produce Industry Naming

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - In today’s competitive world of produce marketing, how will you stand out and find success for your brand? Answering that question is exactly the mission behind United Fresh’s BrandStorm conference, taking place November 14 and 15. Fittingly, one of this year's featured speakers is Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Eat My Words, Alexandra Watkins, an expert on branding with more than 500 naming projects to her name. I spoke with Alexandra as BrandStorm approaches to get a few insights on what we can expect from her illuminating November 15 presentation.

Alexandra Watkins, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Eat My Words“For my presentation, I’ll be focusing not only on how to create juicy brand names, but more. Of course you can name your brand, but it's important to also think about naming your recipes, products, sub-brands, flavors—even just naming things around your office can help contribute to your company culture,” Alexandra tells me. “The produce industry is one that can have a lot of fun with food puns, and it can really help extend your brand.”

For example, check out some of the fun, foodie puns that Alexandra uses at her own company, Eat My Words:

  • Tagline: Fresh names and taglines to go.
  • Blog: The Kitchen Sink
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Packages: Appetizer, Just the Meat, Whole Enchilada
  • Wireless network: Candyland
  • Training workshop: Spilling the Beans
  • Parking sign: “Eat My Words Client Parking Only. Violators Will Be Eaten.”

As you can see, above all else, Alexandra stresses that a key to naming brands is making that emotional connection, and especially for us in the produce industry. Making that strong connection to a consumer’s background through branding can set items apart in a way that nothing else can.

“You have to stand out in a sea of sameness,” she explains, as we talk about the importance of a great name. “In the produce industry, you may have two potatoes next to each other that look exactly the same. If one has a killer name and one doesn’t, consumers are always going to buy the one that they connect to more.”

Alexandra is the author of “Hello My Name is Awesome: How to Create Brand Names That Stick,” which United Fresh will send to all who register for BrandStorm, as well as a free naming eBook, “Make People Love Your Brand Instantly: The Powerful Attraction of Love-at-First Sight Names.” During her keynote, Alexandra will give you a sneak peek at her 12 point steps for name reviewing from the book, going over which names have her 5 great, “SMILE” qualities, as well as which have the 7 no-no's that should make you "SCRATCH" it from your list.

To hear Alexandra give her insights about all this and much more, be sure to attend United Fresh’s BrandStorm, coming up on Monday, November 14 in San Francisco. And for those who wish to still register for the event, visit United Fresh’s webpage here.

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