Viva Fresh Introduces Industry First, The Fresh CrEd Podcast; Craig Slate, Ed Bertaud, and Dante Galeazzi Detail

Viva Fresh Introduces Industry First, The Fresh CrEd Podcast; Craig Slate, Ed Bertaud, and Dante Galeazzi Detail

MISSION, TX - An exciting addition to the Viva Fresh Expo has been announced in the form of a podcast—the Fresh CrEd podcast, that is. Craig Slate, Chief Executive Officer of SunFed, and Ed Bertaud, Director of Retail Sales for IFCO, will be performing onsite interviews and providing commentary on April 23, the last day of the expo.

Craig Slate, Chief Executive Officer, SunFed“The Fresh CrEd podcast started out as a passion project for me,” said Slate. “[...] For us to be broadcasting at Viva Fresh, one of the most impactful produce events of the year, is a real honor and an exciting opportunity for us to expand the fresh produce message. Our vision through this live podcast is to reach people all over the globe who have a passion for produce. We hope to share what’s going on in the Texas/Mexico trade corridor with buyers, produce managers, and consumers alike.”

The podcast focuses on current events, unique produce stories, and innovative ideas and concepts to improve health, as noted in a press release.

The Fresh CrEd podcast, hosted by Craig Slate and Ed Bertaud, will be broadcasting onsite interviews and providing commentary throughout the duration of the Viva Fresh Expo

Previous interviews have featured guests such as the only man to swim the Amazon River and those who have embarked on the Clean Eating Challenge.

Ed Bertaud, Director of Retail Sales, IFCO“My experience with The Fresh CrEd podcast has been more rewarding than I could have imagined. The feedback from colleagues, friends, and family has been humbling,” added Bertaud. “[...] This podcast is an extension of my newly adopted behaviors, as well as a motivator and vehicle to continue the path of living life to its fullest. Some say, ‘You can’t do it all,’ and perhaps you can’t, but we are giving it a heck of a run, and loving every minute of it.”

Dante Galeazzi, President and Chief Executive of Texas International Produce Association (TIPA), which is a sponsor of the event, also discussed the upcoming expo.

Dante Galeazzi, President and Chief Executive Officer, Texas International Produce Association“We are fast approaching another Viva Fresh Expo, and we’re very excited to be returning to Dallas with all of our TIPA members, sponsors, and industry friends,” said Galeazzi. “We are continuing our mission to increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. With Viva Fresh, we are continuously striving for and supporting innovation, particularly as it relates to attracting more consumers to the fresh produce aisle. Bringing The Fresh CrEd live to the expo is just another outside-the-box idea to reach folks from all over, so they can experience what we are doing with fresh produce here in the Lone Star state.”

Galeazzi’s recent interview on the podcast can be accessed here. To read more about the podcast and its plans for Viva Fresh, click here.

ANUK will continue to bring updates as we approach this event, so stay tuned for more.

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