Volm Companies Opens a New Distribution and Service Center

Volm Companies Opens a New Distribution and Service Center


FRESNO, CA - Volm Companies cut the ribbon on its new Distribution and Service Center on Thursday, May 14th, in Fresno, California, welcoming customers for an inside look with an open house.

President and CEO Daniel Mueller and Vice President Michael Hunter did the snipping to open the facility before welcoming everyone.

Daniel Mueller, President and CEO, Volm Companies, with guests.

Other key members of the Volm leadership team that aided the opening included:

  • John Bandsma, COO/CFO
  • Scott Erickson, Vice President of Equipment
  • Matthew Alexander, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

California account managers, field service technicians, and members of the Fresno distribution staff were also present, along with a number of ambassadors and representatives of the Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce. Also in attendance for both the ribbon-cutting and the open house was Director of Economic Development for the City of Fresno Larry Westerlund, who gave an address following Mueller’s welcome speech.

Larry Westerlund, Director of Economic Development, City of Fresno“Thank you for being here. We are excited about the opportunity to be located here and see your business grow and expand, being able to reach your customers more quickly and easily,” Westerlund said, adding that he and his team are excited for the jobs this will create and will be there for anything needed.

Marsha Richling, Marketing Coordinator, Volm CompaniesMarsha Richling, Marketing Coordinator, tells me, “The facility will not only help Volm grow, but allow us to better service our customers [such as] service their equipment, provide local delivery of parts, and packaging.”

A Volmpack weighing and bagging system was on display, as well as samples of the company’s newest packaging.

Everyone was welcome to take a tour of the 11,000 square foot facility, which is mainly composed of warehouse space with a few offices available for field service technicians, account managers, and warehouse staff.

Marsha also added that the warehouse will be stocked with supplies and packaging that is commonly used by the company’s existing customer base, with the tools and equipment parts available for field service technicians. The facility can be used as an equipment service or staging area if the need should arise, and Volm has warehouse staff that will provide local delivery via a dedicated Volm truck.

“We have a large equipment install base already in California,” Marsha noted. “Volm also has a large fresh produce customer base that it provides custom packaging for. Our customers are packing houses/facilities and growers in that region.”

Volm also played its brand video on a display, sharing the company’s history, culture, the team and people that are a part of it, and the products & manufacturing capabilities of the company.

The open house overall showcased every aspect of the company, conveying its excitement to be the newest addition to the Fresno produce community.

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