Walmart Announces Plans to Redesign Fresh Produce Department

Walmart Announces Plans to Redesign Fresh Produce Department

BENTONVILLE, AR - Walmart stands as one of the largest retailers in the market, but it hasn’t always been associated with fresh produce. Now, as part of its continuous improvement efforts, the retailer is putting more focus on its produce department with an extensive remodel plan. Charles Redfield, EVP for Walmart U.S. Food, penned a note on the retailer's website detailing its efforts to provide its customers the best produce possible.

Charles Redfield, EVP, Walmart U.S. Food“We had to make sure customers understood they could trust the quality of produce in our stores. So, we redesigned the department with more light, better signing, and specially angled fixtures to make shopping easier,” Redfield commented in the note. “We expanded our Fresh Guarantee and our department managers’ responsibilities to include all of service deli, bakery, meat, and produce.”

Walmart is not only working to improve its produce offerings, but has begun updating the department’s in-store look and feel to underscore the message of fresh and quality. Though still in the early phases, Walmart intends to ramp up the renovations, planning to update the majority of its stores by next summer, while others will be renovated as part of full-store remodels.

Walmart plans to remodel its stores’ produce departments to include more light, better signage, and specially-angled fixtures

The significant produce department changes that Walmart is initiating include:

  • Open Market Feel - Produce is displayed in low-profile bins, allowing the customer to see at first glance everything the department has to offer. Color will be an important factor, as Walmart is counting on the prominent displays of produce to communicate the freshness and quality of the retailer’s items.
  • More Space - The aisles will be widened which, combined with the low-profile bins, allows customers to shop from multiple sides, making it easier to navigate the department.
  • Organics - All organic items will be displayed in one single area, so organic-focused customers can enjoy one-stop-shopping.
  • New Signage - The department will feature large, bright, prominently-displayed signs to emphasize the retailer’s commitment to low prices.

The produce department redesign serves a dual purpose, because as much as the upgrades will improve the customer experience, Walmart’s associates will benefit as well, according to Redfield’s note. The new format is expected to simplify workloads, making it easier for employees to stock produce.

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