Walt Dasher Discusses Peruvian Sweet Onion Update and Vidalia® Onion Program and Transplants

Walt Dasher Discusses Peruvian Sweet Onion Update and Vidalia® Onion Program and Transplants

GLENVILLE, GA - Any way you slice them, sweet onions continue to gain market share and popularity with the consumer—making them a must-have offering and produce department staple. As we look to 2022, G&R Farms is busy with its offshore program and already looking ahead and its coveted Vidalia®onion season.

Walt Dasher, Vice President, G&R Farms“G&R is currently growing and shipping from Peru. However, we are also in the middle of the Vidalia onion transplant season in Georgia,” Vice President Walt Dasher tells me. “It is an exciting time as we look to 2022 and the upward trajectory of the onion category.”

G&R expects its Peruvian program to take the company and customers into March, which will bridge the gap until the domestic sweet onion season begins.

G&R Farms is currently growing and shipping from Peru and is also in the middle of its Vidalia® onion transplant season in Georgia

“The market has been steady, but logistics continue to be the biggest challenge right now with global port backlogs,” Walt reflects. “The nice thing is that the onion and sweet onion market is pretty consistent and allows us to plan. The sweet onion market holds at least one-third of all onion sales and has shown growth during the past couple of years.”

One of the biggest feats, Walt adds, is that this growth has been strategically dealt with as producers have managed the trend without getting into over-production scenarios—all while maintaining consistent market quality.

As a family-owned operation and a custom packhouse, G&R Farms is able to deliver service and quality that its customers can trust (Walt Dasher pictured in middle)

Another strategic move by G&R is that the company is also a custom packhouse.

“We can do our own G&R brand or private label and we can do bulk or varied size packaging from 3 lbs to 10-plus lb packages,” Walt says. “We are seeing continued growing interest in the 3 lb package program.”

When I ask Walt what retailers should know about making the most out of the advantages and benefits of the G&R Farms relationship and program, he begins by sharing that G&R is a family-owned business.

The sweet onion market has been steady, but logistics continue to pose challenges with global port backlogs

“When you buy from G&R, you know who grows your product, where it comes from, and who is going to stand behind it. For three generations, we have taken great pride in delivering service and quality that customers can trust; since the day we shipped the very first Vidalia onions from Georgia to a Piggly Wiggly. So, yes, we are one of the original Vidalia onion shippers.”

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