Wegmans To Open Two New Stores

Wegmans To Open Two New Stores

MCLEAN, VA - As silly as it sounds, there’s a reason our eyes are on the front of our head rather than the back. How else would we be encouraged to look forward—professionally and personally—if it were not for this anatomical reminder? In the produce industry, Wegmans is exemplifying what can be accomplished by taking advantage of this reminder by opening two new stores. This month, the grocer made major moves in West Cary, North Carolina, and Tysons Corner, Virginia—with a store in the former scheduled to open August 2, 2020, while the latter is slated for a fall 2020 opening.

Kevin Russell, Manager, Tysons Corner, Wegmans“Wegmans is a great place to build a career because we provide in-depth employee training that’s unrivaled in our industry and promote our people from within,” said Tysons Corner Store Manager, Kevin Russell, in a press release that noted the new store is looking to hire 480 people—180 of which will serve in full-time positions. “These jobs offer competitive pay and benefits, flexible scheduling, and a fun workplace with caring people."

The new 80,000-square-foot Tysons Corner store—Wegmans’ 11th in Virginia—will include a Market Café with indoor and outdoor seating; The Burger Bar; and a 1.2-acre rooftop park featuring grass, trees, and recreational areas for residents and customers to enjoy.

Wegmans' new Tysons Corner store is looking to hire 480 people—180 of which will serve in full-time positions

The West Cary location—Wegmans’ second in North Carolina—is currently looking to hire 300 part-time workers, employing 450 in total.

Katie Duchnowski, Store Manager, West Cary, Wegmans“I’ve heard people say Wegmans is the Disneyland of grocery stores, and I couldn’t agree more,” said West Cary Store Manager, Katie Duchnowski. “While we set high standards for the products and services we offer, the people are what set us apart. Everyone you work with becomes part of your family and is there to help you succeed. This is a company with endless opportunities, and at 16 years old, I never thought I’d be moving to North Carolina to open a new store.”

How will these two new store locations up Wegmans' supplier relationships in the Virginia and North Carolina market? Stay tuned to AndNowUKnow as we continue to bring you more news like this.