Westfalia's Angela Tallant Details Foodservice Potential Ahead of PMA Event

Westfalia's Angela Tallant Details Foodservice Potential Ahead of PMA Event

OXNARD, CA - As members of the produce industry, we are fortunate to have the strong relationships that we do. These relationships are especially pertinent on the buy-side, and the upcoming PMA Foodservice Expo is a boon for fostering new partnerships and strengthening existing ones. As Westfalia ramps up for the event, I got in touch with Angela Tallant, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Angela Tallant, Director of Sales and Marketing, Westfalia“Partnerships between avocado suppliers and foodservice customers is key, as up-to-date information on market conditions and fruit quality is paramount to accurate foodservice distribution,” she began. “This show is invaluable and allows quality and intimate time to meet with your partners.”

Angela explained that Westfalia sees the growth potential within the foodservice category. Innovation is a key characteristic of the sector, and fresh ideas are essential. By providing critical seasonal information, the supplier keeps its partners in the know on proper handling and upcoming seasonal changes in pricing.

“Westfalia’s global position offers the U.S. market a consistent year-round supply and versatility from multiple origins,” she continued. “We are expanding our procurement and sourcing team to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information from all countries of origin that supply the U.S. market’s avocado demand.”

Westfalia will be showcasing its ripe and ready-to-eat avocados at the upcoming PMA Foodservice Conference and Expo, highlighting its unique ability to offer specific specs and pack styles to benefit its partners

So, what will Westfalia be showcasing at the upcoming event? Ripe and ready-to-eat avocados, of course.

“We are most excited to connect with current customers that we supply to, and to develop new relationships and partnerships. This is a great show to focus specifically on establishing foodservice business, and we will highlight our unique ability to offer specific specs and pack styles,” Angela concluded. “Our globally integrated supply chain and R&D team provide us with great industry insight, and we value our customer relationships and have the drive and supply to grow the category.”

Be sure to stop by booth #1102 at the show for even more of Westfalia’s insights on boosting avocado sales at foodservice.


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