WINDSET FARMS® Highlights Tomato and Pepper Varieties; Randi Church Shares

WINDSET FARMS® Highlights Tomato and Pepper Varieties; Randi Church Shares

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DELTA, CANADA - Nearing the end of the first month of 2024, consumers are still going strong with their healthy eating New Year’s resolutions. To help them out, WINDSET FARMS® is focusing on two of its categories that provide critical benefits while having the power to boost sales in the produce department. To get more insight, I turned to Randi Church, Marketing Manager.

Randi Church, Marketing Manager, Windset Farms®
Randi Church, Marketing Manager, WINDSET FARMS®

“We’re embracing the spirit of new beginnings this January by incorporating fresh and exciting flavors in the kitchen and prioritizing health and wellness,” Randi says. “Windset Farms facilities implement same-day harvest, packing, chilling, and shipping so consumers can relish the benefits of fresh, high-quality, greenhouse-grown produce regardless of the season!”

In its facilities, Windset Farms grows tomatoes and peppers, among other things, which offer a host of benefits to shoppers. According to Randi, some of the noteworthy dietary advantages and selling points of these categories include:

  • Tomatoes: an excellent source of potassium, along with other nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, and fiber. Including tomatoes in your diet can improve heart health and reduce disease risk
  • Bell Peppers: Besides many heart-protective antioxidants, bell peppers are high in potassium (lowers blood pressure) and soluble fiber (lowers cholesterol), essential for good heart health. They have an incredible amount of Vitamin C, making them a beneficial food to pair with plant-based iron sources (lentils, chickpeas, tofu, tempeh) to help improve iron absorption
As shoppers look for healthy options to achieve their New Year's resolutions, WINDSET FARMS® offers nutritious varieties like its YOOM Black Cocktail Tomatoes

Windset has several exciting products within these families to feature. Among the tomatoes, the grower offers YOOM® Black Cocktail Tomatoes, adorned in a deep purple hue that signifies a rich concentration of anthocyanin and carotenoids—potent antioxidants combating fatigue.

“These tomatoes boast substantial amounts of vitamin C and high levels of magnesium and potassium,” Randi details. “Their distinctive appearance adds a flare to any dish you create while boasting incredible nutritional benefits!”

Another impressive and unique product to add to your produce department is SONATA™ Tropical Mini Peppers.

“This variety has an exceptionally high brix level, a pleasantly sweet flavor, and an outer skin with a slight crunch. They can be enjoyed on their own or cooked,” continues Randi. “One Tatayoyo a day provides the recommended daily dose of vitamin C! The pepper also has virtually no seeds for an easy and enjoyable snacking experience. Unsurprisingly, it took the prestigious 2023 Fruit Logistica Innovation Award.”

The supplier collaborates with retailers to highlight the unique qualities of its produce items—such as SONATA Tropical Mini Peppers—which include the taste and added nutritional value

YOOM Black Cocktail Tomatoes and SONATA Tropical Mini Peppers are grown in Santa Maria, California, at Windset’s 168-acre greenhouse facility. It produces year-round and is one of the largest single-site greenhouse operations in the United States. The facility prioritizes sustainable growing practices, emphasizing water and energy conservation and renewable energy.

In addition to sharing the health benefits of these varieties, what other ways can retailers ensure a boost in register rings when it comes to the categories?

“It's all about the eating experience for YOOM and SONATA,” Randi states. “At Windset, we collaborate with retailers to highlight the unique qualities of these produce items, which include the taste and added nutritional value. In-store demos are an excellent way to showcase new products to consumers so they can experience firsthand how they can be prepared and enjoyed, especially for these new varieties. Additionally, we employ QR codes on packaging and on in-store merchandising, which lead to recipes. We synchronize product launches with social media campaigns, offering an effective strategy to promote our products.”

With Windset as a partner, there is very little work left for retailers to do besides ensuring they have an ample supply of its products for consumers to load up on. So, reach out to a representative today and help shoppers start the new year on a nutritious note.

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