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Accu-Label Responds to International Consumer Demand

Accu-Label Responds to International Consumer Demand

LAKESHORE, ON and DETROIT, MI - Accu-Label was born in 2001 as the sales company for the successful ORB-it® fruit labelling system developed at Ag-Tronic Control Systems Inc., a company known for innovation and designing leading-edge technology in agriculture since January 1991.

With immediate success abroad, Accu-Label International was incorporated in USA in 2002. “We realize the fruit and vegetable PLU labelling industry is not a one-size fits all,” company President, Joe Sleiman said. “Our customers range from mom and pop re-packers to some of the largest fruit and vegetable growers in North America, and they describe our products to 'perform like a Ferrari with the quality and reliability of a Lexus.'”

“With Ag-Tronic Control Systems spear-heading innovation and product development, we are able to customize labelling solutions to suit the industry’s requirements. Our latest product was developed in response to the trends we're seeing overseas and what is starting to be mandated by the retailer,” Sleiman continues.

The new FLEX-TL is a fully-modular tray labeler designed to suit the customer's unique and individual requirements, and will be introduced at the upcoming PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana. “We’re seeing customers settle for low-quality products based on price point alone. Sadly, they end up paying more in the long term to rectify low label percentages, or pay additional service costs for unreliable equipment. The new FLEX-TL will allow the customer to choose his or her options to build a system with the features they absolutely need and add on the features they want, for a reasonable price, while offering the customer the peace of mind of having the reputable ORB-it® brand.”

Accu-Label's internationally-patented ORB-it® Labelling system, with Print & ApplyTM, is considered the most successful Print-On-Demand PLU labeler in the world–entering its 10th year in production. "Much of the competition is realizing that Print & ApplyTM is the future and we've had a great head start to perfect our technology–continuously upgrading our software and hardware as technology has improved over the years. This year, we introduced our print vision verification feature to validate and verify the quality of the printed information before the label is applied to the product. This solution allows the customer to control the quality of its product upstream–reducing the risk of recalls at the retailer.” Installations of the verification feature will be completed by end of fall this year with many loyal customers profiting from this upgrade at no additional cost. “We are committed to staying ahead of the labelling technology curve and enjoy having our customers benefit from these advancements.”

“The industry has been very receptive to the innovations we’ve brought to the fruit labelling community. Our challenge now is to continue to innovate, while satisfying all of the requests we’ve had internationally for our product,” says Sleiman. In the past two years Accu-Label has strategically aligned itself with distributors and reps throughout the world to help spread the ORB-it® brand.

Find Accu-Label International at PMA Fresh Summit October 20th-21st at booth #859.

To learn more about Accu-Label’s commitment and reliability, visit www.accu-label.com.

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Accu-Label was incorporated in 2001 after the overwhelming success of the ORB-it® labelling system developed by Ag-Tronic...