Good Foods Tableside® Chunky Guacamole

Good Foods Tableside® Chunky Guacamole


Conveniently packaged in 4 single serving containers, Good Foods Tableside® Chunky Guacamole makes it easy to enjoy low calorie guacamole anywhere—packed in your lunch, snacking at a game, or adventures on the road. Every batch of Good Foods' artisanal guacamole is made fresh daily with hand-scooped Hass avocados.

Along with pieces of real avocado, the Tableside® Chunky Guacamole features an ingredient list free of harmful artificial preservatives. Good Foods values consumer health—they know that unpronounceable ingredients have no place in guacamole. At only 80 calories per container, our guacamole is an indulgent snack without the guilt, and the individually packaged servings help with portion control, though it might be tough to eat just one! 

All Good Foods products proudly use HPP (High Pressure Processing) technology to achieve premium quality for today’s consumer. Utilizing cold-water pressure, HPP replaces processes that damage vitamins and nutrients, freshness, and heat sensitive components in food. Benefits of HPP include food safety and extended shelf life, so Tableside® Chunky Guacamole stays fresher for longer, without losing any of the nutritional value. 

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