Okanagan Specialty Fruits Showcases Its Non-Browning Arctic Apple

Okanagan Specialty Fruits Showcases Its Non-Browning Arctic Apple


CANADA - Okanagan Specialty Fruits’ flagship, the non-browning Arctic Apple, is a new frontier for fruit as the first genetically modified apple on the market approved by the USDA. Two varieties are currently available, Arctic® Goldens and Arctic® Grannies, with the ability to showcase all the favorite attributes of apples without the time sensitivity browning brings after being sliced or peeled.

Often referred to as its flagship by Okanagan, the company did not add anything to the product, but instead used biotechnology to suppress the majority of the polyphenol oxidase (PPO), the agent responsible for the browning that occurs when apple cells are ruptured and can damage the benefits from consumption.

Okanagan Specialty Fruits Arctic® Granny Apples

The Arctic Granny in particular adds to the Granny’s pre-existing popularity as a slicing apple, making it one that can be on display for coming New Years and football parties without browning on the tray.

As for the Arctic® Golden, Okanagan says that the “Arctic Advantage™” addresses the browning issue currently plaguing Goldens while eliminating the need for warm-packing.

Okanagan Specialty Fruits Arctic® Golden Apples

And now the Arctic® brand is preparing to grow. Already growing in Okanagan’s fields are Arctic® Fuji & Arctic® Gala apples, which, once ready, will effectively expand the brand’s reach as far as consumer variety preference and offerings to retail aisles.

“They’re already growing in our field trials, and we’ll be sure to share updates once they’re getting closer to market, so keep an eye on the Find Our Apples section,” the company says on its website, expressing excitement for the future of Arctic® apples.

You can track the growth and apple offerings of this Canada-based grower by going to the Find Our Apples section of its website.

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