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Temkin Ultra Clear Pouch Bags with Custom Programs

Temkin Ultra Clear Pouch Bags with Custom Programs


Temkin International is showcasing its value-added packaging, specifically the company’s Ultra Clear Pouch bags.  These pouches are often referred to Grab & Go pouch bags because they come with optional zippers or reinforced fold-over handles. Temkin provides custom printing on these pouches with the ability to register matte varnish. 


The best part about Temkin’s Ultra Clear Pouch bags, is that the company uses patented C.A.P technology licensed from Windham Packaging.  With this technology, Temkin is seeing its customers gain a substantial increase to the shelf life of their produce, while maintaining great shelf presentation.  The esthetics of the packaging may get the customer to purchase the produce the first time, but the controlled atmosphere technology makes sure that the customer enjoys the freshest possible product with an extended best-by-date.


These bags, offer exceptional clarity and are run with anti-fog technology.  Temkin offers custom sizes from 2 oz. bags all the way to 5 lb. bags.  Other items of interest continue to be the company’s multi-compartment bags, rear weld bags, and registered macro or laser microperforation on printed rollstock. Temkin produces it’s packaging at the headquarters in Payson, UT.  Temkin also has facilities in Miami, FL and Toronto ON, where the company warehouses and ships products from as well.  


If you’d like to see your product in this video segment, please send samples to 2020 L Street, Suite 320, Sacramento, CA 95811.  



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