AgroFresh Solutions' Control-Tec™ Equipment Line Gains CAAE Certification; Michael Hamby and Ian MacKellar Comment

AgroFresh Solutions' Control-Tec™ Equipment Line Gains CAAE Certification; Michael Hamby and Ian MacKellar Comment

PHILADELPHIA, PA - A recent certification is elevating AgroFresh Solutions' cutting-edge Control-Tec™ line. Reflecting the ag innovator’s commitment to delivering sustainable, efficient, and organic solutions across the globe, the advantageous equipment has received the coveted CAAE certification.

Michael Hamby, Chief Commercial Officer, AgroFresh Solutions"The CAAE certification for part of our Control-Tec equipment line solidifies our dedication to amplifying our organic offerings and promoting sustainability,” says Michael Hamby, Chief Commercial Officer at AgroFresh. “We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of solutions that help both organic and conventional packers meet their sustainability goals and contribute to a more environmentally conscious world."

AgroFresh’s Control-Tec line is a range of post-harvest treatment equipment designed for the application of fruit protection products and freshness management technologies at packer facilities. This includes state-of-the-art solutions for packing lines, storage rooms, or water treatment.

AgroFresh Solutions' cutting-edge Control-Tec™ equipment line has received the coveted CAAE certification

The CAAE certification is among the leading certifications in Europe, with a focus on organic production. According to a press release, the certification has been granted for five systems that are now compatible with EU organic production standards:

  • Control-Tec Applicator Washer
  • Control-Tec Degreening
  • Control-Tec Eco
  • Control-Tec Pure Air
  • Control-Tec Ultrahumidifier

Ian MacKellar, Chief Operations Officer, AgroFresh Solutions“This achievement is a testament to AgroFresh's unwavering dedication to innovation and sustainability,” adds Ian MacKellar, AgroFresh’s Chief Operations Officer. “The CAAE certification for these Control-Tec systems showcases our commitment to providing organic and conventional packers with the tools they need to enhance their post-harvest processes while reducing water usage and upholding food safety standards."

To explore the full Control-Tec lineup, click here.

ANUK will report as this innovator continues to advance its tech portfolio. Stick around for more updates.

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