Aldi Launches New Range of Misshapen Produce

Aldi Launches New Range of Misshapen Produce

ESSEN, GERMANY – Produce is at the center of a new strategy for discount retailer, Aldi. The notable discount chain has unveiled that it will begin selling misshapen fruits and vegetables in order to lessen food waste.

Phillip Skorning, Group Buying Director, Aldi Süd"We would like to convince our customers that even fruit and vegetable products with small optical defects can nevertheless be of excellent taste quality," said Philipp Skorning, Group Buying Director at Aldi Süd.

This new initiative is being undertaken by the branch of the brand better known as Aldi Süd (or Aldi South). This grouping of the chain operates in Ireland, Great Britain, Hungary, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, and Slovenia. Aldi South is also the operator of our own Aldi stores here in the U.S.

Aldi Süd

Known as “krummendinger,” these fruits and vegetables are ones that are misshapen from conventional appearance, or boast small aesthetic flaws. Aldi stated in a press release that it’s launching this specific line in order to draw attention to the issue of waste, and highlight the value in these food products.

The line will launch at the end of this month with crooked organic carrots. Apples will be added to the lineup in stores, by the end of September. The amount of “wonky” products in each pack will depend on agricultural condititions, such as weather.

Aldi Süd's crooked organic carrots

The retailer also announced that it is working with the Institute for Sustainable Nutrition of Münster University of Applied Sciences to monitor sales of this misshapen line and evaluate it scientifically. This organization has been involved in the reduction of preventable food waste for several years, and will continue to work with Aldi on identifying the causes of food losses and further identify reduction potentials.

No confirmation on whether or not this strategy will make it to our own shores as well.

Will retailers in the competitive market continue to place their bets on produce for new strategies? AndNowUKnow will report.

Aldi Süd


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