Banana Truck Overturns Causing Traffic Delays

Banana Truck Overturns Causing Traffic Delays

STEVENVILLE, MD - You might have muttered to yourself “this is bananas” if you had to endure hours of traffic because of a toppled tractor trailer carrying actual bananas. That’s precisely what commuters had to endure in the Baltimore suburb, where a trailer went through one of the guardrails in the median of U.S. Route 50/301 around 3:15 AM Thursday, May 17, next to the westbound lane. It rested on the guardrails of the other side, preventing the trailer from making its way to the other side. Fire Chief Buddy Thomas stated that when he arrived at the scene, they found the driver out of the truck and sitting on the guardrail. He informed them that he was okay, and was checked out by paramedics at the scene.

No one was injured, but traffic was disrupted for hours as the Kent Island Volunteer Fire Department cleaned up the scene.

Credit: Capital Gazette

“The bananas did not spill," said Lora Rakowski, Spokesman for the Maryland State Highway Administration. “We were able to avoid offloading through an extensive recovery process.”

This alone took about 4 ½ hours, during which Kent Island’s Volunteer Fire Department cleaned the diesel fuel off of the road and righted the trailer.

Suffice it to say, traffic certainly didn't find the accident a-peel-ling.