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Brian Peixoto Details Lakeside Organic Gardens' Iceberg Harvest and Market Update

Brian Peixoto Details Lakeside Organic Gardens' Iceberg Harvest and Market Update

WATSONVILLE, CA - The crispy, crunchy bite of Iceberg lettuce is a delicious component in any burger, salad, or wrap. And just recently, I got introduced to stir-fried lettuce—the world of cooking is limitless! With this variety holding its well-deserved place in homes and restaurants, I wanted to check in with Lakeside Organic Gardens to see how the category is faring this season.

Brian Peixoto, Sales Manager, Lakeside Organic Gardens“Production for our Iceberg is steady,” Brian Peixoto, Sales Manager, tells me. “We recently saw pricing for $14 on a 12 ct, which is in line with pricing for last year. As Iceberg is one of our core items, we are currently in peak production.”

With outdoor grilling becoming a go-to preparation method and consumers seeking refreshing offerings, Iceberg lettuce is an excellent variety to liven up the plate. Shoppers will look toward the produce aisle to build their meals around, so stocking cross-merchandising items such as seasonings and buns will make it easier for consumers to make more impulse purchases.

Lakeside Organic Gardens is seeing $14 for a 12 ct of Iceberg lettuce this season as production remains steady

And, with this season’s crop coming in, now is the perfect time to take advantage of exceptional quality.

“We’re currently seeing great yields and even better quality,” continues Brian. “Our customers have benefited from supplying their shoppers with the variety we grow. It’s firm, crisp, and the taste is unparalleled.”

Along with great yields, the grower is seeing firm and crisp heads with even better quality

Iceberg lettuce holds a special place in Owner and Grower Dick Peixoto’s heart, Brian tells me. During his early days of farming in Salinas, California, he worked with Salyer American Fresh Foods where consumers couldn’t get enough of that crispy head of lettuce. As the temperature continues to rise for us here in California, the number of times I’ve reached for this versatile head is uncountable.

So, look to Lakeside Organic Gardens to stock up those shelves, and check back in with ANUK to keep you up to date with market conditions.

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