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Brooklyn Wegmans Breaks Opening-Day Sales Record

Brooklyn Wegmans Breaks Opening-Day Sales Record

BROOKLYN, NY - What may have started as an affectionate name for loyal grocery followers has turned into an all-out fan following led by the most dedicated customers. You may have heard that “Wegmania” has broken out in the state of New York, as its very first Wegmans location opened up in Brooklyn on Sunday. According to Public Relations Coordinator Valerie Fox, the new Wegmans was met with over 25,000 shoppers staked out front ahead of opening. Despite the rain coming down, some had set-ups similar to that of a football tailgate. So, I just have one question: What would the Wegmaniacs’ mascot look like?

Valerie Fox, Public Relations Coordinator, Wegmans"The Brooklyn store opening was an incredibly exciting day for our family company," Fox said, according to Democrat & Chronicle. "Despite heavy rainfall, hundreds of people lined up around the block before dawn yesterday."

The new Wegmans was met with over 25,000 shoppers staked out front ahead of opening, who helped the retailer break its opening day sales record

Although we don’t have exact sales figures from the new Wegmans, Fox reported that they broke records, surpassing that of the Alexandria, Virginia, store that opened in 2015. As the doors opened, workers and shoppers alike shuffled through with pure excitement on their faces. At 74,000 square feet, the store usurps the traditional brick and clock tower facade that many Wegmans are known for. Instead, it displays a more modern aesthetic that blends with the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The new Wegmans stocks over 50,000 products, 2,000 of which are organic. It features 300 varieties of cheese as well as an in-house bakery, fresh fish, an olive bar, and a craft beer selection, as well as prepared foods departments that include sushi, Asian cuisine, pizza, and burgers. The whole facility is topped with a second-level dining area to fulfill any Wegmaniac’s wildest dreams.

Congrats to Wegmans on its exciting new location—and hats off to the Wegmans fanatics who helped it break records! Keep reading us at AndNowUKnow for the industry’s most exciting news.