Brooks Tropicals Promotes Caribbean Red® Papaya; Peter Leifermann Shares

Brooks Tropicals Promotes Caribbean Red® Papaya; Peter Leifermann Shares

HOMESTEAD, FL - Brooks Tropicals is giving retailers and consumers the chance to add some beautiful color to the start of 2023 with its Caribbean Red® Papaya. Known for its distinctive deep red-orange flesh, the variety has become popular with shoppers and created new opportunities for buyers.

Peter Leifermann, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Brooks Tropicals“Fresh fruit is a delicious treat all times of year, but especially when people are celebrating with food, friends, and family, and when trying to make healthier food choices,” said Peter Leifermann, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Brooks Tropicals. “Caribbean Red Papaya delivers a deeply satisfying sweetness that’s welcome at every table, without added sugars or calories.”

Although harvested year-round, papaya becomes even more flavorful as the New Year approaches and they begin to ripen, providing tasty fruit throughout the spring and into early summer, a release explained.

This year’s crop of Caribbean Red Papayas was largely unaffected by 2022 hurricanes and storms, ensuring there will be a steady supply year-round for all who enjoy the flavor and benefits of the fruit.

Brooks Tropicals reports a steady supply of Caribbean Red® Papaya for retailers looking to offer shoppers healthy options

Papayas are rich in vitamins A, C, and E, as well as high in fiber. For retailers, this equates to selling points they can highlight as part of their merchandising strategy for the category, giving shoppers an added incentive to load up their baskets with the delicious fruit.

“Caribbean Red Papaya is a true superfruit,” continued Leifermann. “It’s loaded with antioxidants and is rich in cancer-fighting nutrients. It’s a great-tasting food that’s also great for you.”

To top it off, Caribbean Red papayas are versatile, easy to prepare, and add tropical flavor to any snack or meal. They can be eaten by themselves or used in recipes for breakfast, appetizers, desserts, smoothies, salads, and more, offering ample inspiration for cross-merchandising displays.

As the weather remains cool here in the Northern Hemisphere, give your shoppers a taste of the warm tropics in your produce department.

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