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Buffalo Market Looks to Expand into Greater Sacramento and Central Valley

Buffalo Market Looks to Expand into Greater Sacramento and Central Valley

SACRAMENTO, CA - Shifting tides in the grocery retail market continue to favor online ordering and delivery, and Buffalo Market is taking advantage of the change. The farm to fridge delivery grocer announced that it will be expanding beyond the Bay Area of California into the Sacramento, CA, region as it looks to grow its operations, employees, and facilities.

Adam Olejniczak, Chief Executive Officer, Buffalo Market“We are looking forward to expanding our grocery services in the Sacramento region and believe it will be the perfect fit for this market,” CEO Adam Olejniczak said. “Buffalo Market is already committed to helping delicious produce from the Central Valley reach customers quickly. It makes sense to support local growers and producers who want to export their products into new markets around the globe, so we can support more growth and jobs in California.”

With the new move planned, Buffalo Market wants to add up to 400 jobs in the Greater Sacramento area within the next two years, according to a press release. Hoping to establish operations in the area by the end of the year, the hiring process will place focus on those with experience in logistics, food buying, and quality control.

Buffalo Market is expanding past the Bay Area into Sacramento, California

Buffalo Market has already received strong support and assistance from the Greater Sacramento Economic Council, local businesses, and the government in the region.

“Since launching the company in the Bay Area, we’re excited by the growth we’ve seen. As we continue to scale in order to reach more customers, it was apparent Greater Sacramento is the ideal market for us to operate from,” Olejniczak continued. “The real estate options are better suited for our growth than what we saw in the Bay Area, and the community is passionate about supporting high-quality food and those that produce it, just like we are.”

Already seeing growing popularity in the Bay area and Los Angeles markets, Buffalo Market is also eyeing the Sacramento region as it continues to source a growing number of its produce products from the agricultural hub. Customers in the Greater Sacramento area will now be able to receive the high-quality fresh produce that they are used to but delivered directly to their door through Buffalo Market’s services.

Barry Broome, President and Chief Executive Officer, Greater Sacramento Economic Council“This is another great example of a Bay Area company that is looking to expand in our market,” Greater Sacramento President and CEO Barry Broome said. “Our region provides startups the flexibility to scale with our real estate options and business-friendly market.”

Continuing to search for a new facility, the retailer is working with JLL to find a place to open operations by year’s end.

Alexis Garrett, Senior Vice President, JLL Sacramento“We are thrilled to support Buffalo Market in their expansion to the Sacramento region,” CBRE Senior Vice President Alexis Garrett said. “Utilizing last-mile logistics technology that brings farm-fresh, and locally sourced products right to your doorstep, Buffalo Market is grocery delivery 3.0.”

How will the move into the Sacramento region continue to expand Buffalo Market’s grocery business, especially in terms of fresh produce offerings? Keep reading ANUK for the answers to that and more.

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