Burnac Produce Group's Co-Chairman Domenic Raso Steps Down

Burnac Produce Group's Co-Chairman Domenic Raso Steps Down

WOODBRIDGE, ONTARIO, CANADA - The end of June will mark the start of a transition for Burnac Produce Group’s leadership. After much consideration, Domenic Raso announced that he will step down from his role as Co-Chairman following 16 years of dedicated service.

Domenic Raso, Co-Chairman, Burnac Produce GroupTo support ongoing leadership and continuity, Raso has been appointed to Burnac’s Advisory Board, a release explained. He will use his extensive knowledge, experience, and strategic vision to help shape the future direction of the organization and contribute to its ongoing growth and success.

Raso began his career in fresh as a Produce Manager at Fortinos in 1977, working his way up the ladder to senior operations and produce roles before becoming the Vice President of Procurement and Merchandising in the mid-1990s. In 1999, he joined Loblaw’s, overseeing its Procurement Division before joining Burnac in 2007 as Co-Chairman.

During his tenure as Co-Chairman, Raso was a driving force in the organization. His leadership helped navigate the company through challenging times and has played an integral role in its successes.

Burnac Produce Group announced Co-Chairman Domenic Raso will be stepping down from his role after 16 years of dedicated service

He carries a strong passion for the produce industry, always keeping the end consumer in mind when making decisions. Raso is known by colleagues for his honesty, modesty, and integrity, on top of his immense knowledge and experience when it comes to fresh produce.

Over the years, Raso has traveled the globe in search of the best suppliers with the best products. He has developed long-lasting industry relationships, and many consider him to be a close personal friend.

Cheers to Domenic Raso as he enters this new phase of life!

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