California Giant's Cindy Jewell Discusses Approaching Tour de Fresh Goal

California Giant's Cindy Jewell Discusses Approaching Tour de Fresh Goal

Before I even begin to share the importance of the Tour de Fresh, go to this page and help your peers in produce!

WATSONVILLE, CA - More than 50 members from all sides of fresh produce are pulling together to push themselves nearly 200 miles to ensure that as many salad bars are placed in public schools nationwide as possible.

Cindy Jewell, Vice President of Marketing, California Giant Berry Farms“Today we are about $67,000 shy of our goal of raising enough funds for 57 salad bars,” Cindy Jewell, Vice President of Marketing for California Giant Berry Farms and organizer of the event, said. “If 500 people in the industry donate just $100 each, we would be there!”

It is an event that not only promotes fresh produce in schools, but is banding together and morphing members of the industry for the better.

Several riders have joined on to push for a salad bar in a local school of their choice, but have found themselves changed by the experience as well. "Some riders have lost weight and changed their whole lives from training for this event," Cindy tells me.

Donate for Salad Bars in Schools!

The camaraderie and passion of those involved in the cause are tangible in the days leading up to the event, evident by the recent support rallying around John Frey of Frey Farms, who was struck by a car while training for the ride.

“Last week John Frey was seriously injured in his home town and hit by a car while training for Tour de Fresh,” Cindy explains of John’s dedication to Tour de Fresh, having cheered riders on and driven the Tsamma Watermelon Juice truck to keep riders hydrated since its conception. “He has been the biggest cheerleader for our riders for the last two years, and was ready to be part of this amazing group of individuals.”

Due to this period of recovery, John will not make it to this year’s event, but riders have rallied to ensure that his salad bar gets funded. “That is what this industry is all about,” Cindy tells me.

John Frey happily training to ride in the Tour de Fresh

Truly, though everyone has benefited from this event, not everyone has chipped in to continue the Tour de Fresh’s record of exceeding its goals. Both of the previous rides exceeded their goals, having raised over $300,000 to place more than 100 salad bars in schools across the country.

To make a small investment into a large cause that helps to ensure the future of the industry, donate by clicking here. And for in-depth coverage of this one-of-kind industry event, continue to follow AndNowUKnow.

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