Chilean Volcano Erupts After Over 40 Years of Silence

Chilean Volcano Erupts After Over 40 Years of Silence

SOUTH AMERICA - After decades of silence, the Calbuco volcano erupted suddenly on Wednesday, April 22.

Located near Puerto Varas, Chile, the remarkable eruption resulted in the evacuation of over 4,000 people, according to Radio Santa Fe (RSF). While the country currently has about 90 active volcanoes, one named Villarrica that just erupted last month, this is reportedly one of the top three most dangerous because it gives little to no warning before going off.

Watch the YouTube video below to see the volcano's erupution:

“This volcano’s behavior is completely different from Villarrica,” commented Mahmud Aleuy, Chile’s Undersecretary of Interior, according to Ryan Dube of the Wall Street Journal. “Calbuco doesn’t provide any warning about when it is going to erupt.”

President of Chile Michelle Bachelet continues to keep the area around the eruption on red alert, according to RSF, after it followed up the first blast on Wednesday with a second eruption on Thursday morning.

While the Director of Agriculture, Carlos Furche, was among the several officials to respond to the current state of emergency, according to the RSF report, nothing official has been released about damages to crops or acreage as of yet. But, according to Reuters, the volcano continues to remain unstable as the clouds of volcanic ash travel northwards toward Argentina.

For now, the local governments appear to be keeping the area clear of people until the coast is clear. So keep checking in while AndNowUKnow continues to follow this developing story.