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China Takes Peach Marketing to a Whole New Level

China Takes Peach Marketing to a Whole New Level

NANJING, CHINA - They say that sex sells, but one fruit vendor in China might have taken that phrase a bit too far. Just one warning – don’t let your boss catch you looking at these peaches at work! They look a bit cheeky (no pun intended), if you ask me…


A fruit vendor in Nanjing, China is selling these peaches to celebrate the arrival of the Qixi Festival tomorrow, or essentially the Chinese version of Valentine’s Day. Be warned though, these peaches don’t come cheap! One box of nine will set you back 498 yuan, or $80 U.S., according to Kotaku. I know the term “produce lover” gets tossed around a lot, but this is just too literal.

The peaches come from Yangshan in Wuxi, an area known for its lingerie and garment industry, and the vendor slips on each garment by hand. Imagine reading that job description. Where do people sign up?!


The vendor’s profit margins must be skyrocketing by now because apparently other vendors in China have started taking a similar approach to selling peaches. According to Kotaku, the fruit vendor reportedly filed for a “panty peach” patent a month ago and is now filing for infringement with the intellectual property bureau. You might want to be careful about how you sexualize your produce…

Who’s the target audience for these sexy peaches? Secondly… how can I get my own box? And finally, what's next -  two watermelons in a bra?